Dahabshiil Group handovers Second consignment of COVID-19 medical equipment to the Ministry of Health.


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa-Dahabshiil group of companies on Sunday handed over the second consignment of medical equipment to help the government of Somaliland stem the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Fouad Ahmed Nuh, the director of operations at Dahabshiil remittance handed over the second consignment of medical equipment to the Deputy Minister of Health during a ceremony held at the ministry premises on Sunday.

Mr. Fouad Ahmed Nuh, speaking during the handing over ceremony said, “On behalf of Dahabshiil group, I am handing over the second consignment of medical equipment to the Ministry of Health worth $170,000 Dollars which was part of the $800, 000 dollars.

He said, “In addition, to medical equipment, we have donated $200, 000 Dollars which was distributed either in foodstuffs or cash donations to at least 4,000 needy families. Dahabshiil Group as part of its corporate social responsibility is committed to continuing assisting wherever possible and this will not be the last time.

Mr. Fouad Ahmed Nuh, said that the last and final consignment of medical equipment pledged by the Dahabshiil Group will arrive in the country next month.

  1. Two Brand New Toyota Ambulance
  2. 7 Oxygen concentrators

Hon. Osman Boori, the deputy minister of health receiving the second consignment of medical equipment said, “I want to convey my deepest and most sincere thanks to the Dahabshiil Group for their contribution in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and towards other noble cause.

The Deputy Minister of Health said that the two fully equipped brand new Toyota Ambulance and the Oxygen concentrators will be distributed to Sool and Awdal regions where they’re most need.

The Dahabshiil group had previously donated the following:-

  1. COVID-19 laboratory (PCR), which enhanced the country’s diagnosis capability.
  2. On-Site Oxygen Generators which can supply the national needs.
  3. Ventilation devices and oxygen respirators.
  4. 3 fully equipped Ambulances distributed among hospitals in Somaliland.



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