President participates in a virtual Graduation Ceremony for 13 Former Abaarso School students


THT-The President of the Republic of Somaliland, HE Muse Bihi Abdi, last night participated in a virtual ceremony marking the Graduation for 13 students who have completed their in major universities spread all over the world, most of them in the  United States, all were former students of Abaarso School in the Republic of Somaliland.

The most students graduated this single time in a one year from foreign universities. With over 80 students now attending top international boarding schools and universities, including MIT, Yale, and Harvard, these students have proven that they can compete with anyone in the world.

Since the Abaarso School opened in Somaliland in 2009, 150 students have received foreign Scholarship.

The scholarships received by the 150 students amount to $30 Million Dollars, in costs which include their annual tuition fees, accommodation, local transport, and air tickets back and forth used by the students.

Currently, there are 275 students in Grade 7 to Grade 12.

On the other hand, the school administration inaugurated the Barwaaqo University that a cost of $1Milllion and allocated an additional $2.2 Million dollars for the campus.

The President said that he was honored to participating in the ceremony commemorating the graduation of the students and at the same time, said I would like on behalf of the Republic of Somaliland to thank and commended the School administration led by Mr. Jonathan Starr for the good work in nurturing the academic, intellectual and character development of promising Somali boys and girls so that they can effectively and ethically advance their society as the leaders of tomorrow.

Among the speakers were Mr. Bashir Goth, Head of Somaliland Mission in the USA, Mr. Jonathan Starr, Dr. Edna Aden, and Hon. Yassin Fartoon Somaliland Foreign Minister.


List of the Students

  1. Abdikarim Yasin Hussein – Swarthmore College
  2. Abdirahim Ahmed Mohamed – Brown University
  3. Abdirahman Ahmed Yusuf – Grinnell College
  4. Abokor Abdi Ismael –TCU
  5. Maria   Oman Ahmed – Lafayette College
  6. Sahra Aw Ciise Jamaac – Brandeis University
  7. Youssouf Mohammed Nour – Westminster College
  8. Samira Abdilahi Ahmed – Wheaton College
  9. Jamal Aw Yoonis – Berea College
  10. Nadira Yousuf Abdilahi – Yale University
  11. Abdisamad Aden – Harvard University
  12. Hamze Mahdi Hassan – Harvard University
  13. Warsan Yusuf – Luther College





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