Ministry of Energy and Minerals Launches Exploration Project in Dhagah-Guure Area


THT-Arabsiyo- Somaliland Minister of Energy and Minerals Resources Hon Jama Haji Mahmoud Egal flanked by the Governor of Gabiley region, the District commissioner of Arabsiyo, the Director of Minerals Department and Head of the Media and Public Relations Department toured Dhagah-Guure area whereby the Ministry of Energy and Minerals has mineral explorations activities.

The Governor of Gabiley Mohamed Osman Haji Ahmed welcomed the Minister, saying that it is a great pleasure for the whole region to start a mineral exploration project in the region. “It’s a great joy for the district and the region as a whole to see this much-anticipated mining project get started.

He added, “I would like to thank the Minister of Energy and his team for initiating the minerals exploration activities in Dhagah-Guure (160KMsq) and the surrounding areas which will enable us to obtain the data of the mineral deposits thence our commitment to work hand in hand with the Ministry of Energy.

Arabsiyo District Commissioner “It is really a great joy for us, both regionally and nationally for us to know our God-given natural resources. We are very pleased to welcome this project which will be a valuable project for the region as well as the country as a whole. I hope this exercise will be a success.”

Mr. Omer Yusuf Omer, the Director of the Minerals Department in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals said that the Ministry had in full swing begun the exploration of minerals in an area covering 16 km east to west and 10 Km south to north in Dhagah-Guure and surrounding areas.

Somaliland Minister of Energy and Minerals Resources Hon Jama Haji Mahmoud Egal on his part said that the ministry had started exploration activities which include a comprehensive survey to map the mineral potential in five locations and to develop the country’ minerals sector. Once the geological survey is completed then we shall be in a position to determine the mineral types that exist and the quantities on the ground which will hence be of important significance in the signing of future agreements and contracts between our government and would be interested groups the mining sector. The Minister of Energy thanked both the Governor of Gabiley and District Commissioner of Arabsiyo for their cooperation.


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