The IT technology has aided interrupted learning at educational centres


THT-Hargeisa-The Amoud University students are undergoing their education procedurally, thanks the IT on-line technology.

The revelation was made by the Dawan Media Group deputy head, Prof Dahir Mohamed Hadi, a veteran university lecturer.

Prof Dahir Mohamed Hadi

The University don told reporter Khadar A Hashi of our sister Dawan Newspaper that the modern cyber services has brought forth swift information electronic means that has eased the hitherto  educational breakdown following the COVID-19 pandemic that has disrupted the day to day learning systems in the country.

Prof Dahir noted that the students were quite conversant with the IT system and continued their education with ease through audio-visual electronic media. He like wise said that the e-system was not only confined to the Amoud University but also in other institutions in the country as well from junior, higher to tertiary ones who were utilizing the means.

He said that the COVID-19 pandemic interruption to education was not only confined to Somaliland but has affected the education system and patterns of all schools in every country in the world which closed shop for the past two months.

The senior lecturer noted that institutions of repute tend to churn out students who have comprehensively grasped the strings of whatever profession they undertook hence it was imperative that such standards may be upheld through the audio-visual means, given the extra efforts put forth by the learners.

The don noted that all the 13 faculties or departments of learning at Amoud University are abreast hence in juxtaposition with their fellow cadres of American, German, Malaysian etc institutions.

By M.A. Egge


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