SLDD send Congratulatory message to Somaliland Diaspora as they Mark 18 May Celebrations


THT- “Somaliland Diaspora Office Sends Congratulations to Somaliland Diaspora and Calls for Fundraising in the Fighting against the Covid-19 Pandemic during Celebrating 18 May & and 26 June Anniversaries 2020”

The Somaliland Diaspora Directorate under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland sends congratulations to the Somalilanders in the Diaspora on the commemoration of Somaliland’s 29th Anniversary in regaining independence 18 May 2020, and calls for the Somaliland Diaspora abroad to make fundraising for the home in combating the Pandemic Covid-19.

This event-related Press Statement signed by the Director of the Diaspora Directorate Mr. Saad Mohamed Abdi issued and circulated to the media has written the following:-
“On behalf of name, the Department Team, and the Somaliland Diaspora worldwide, I am so happy to share my pleasure and send our earnest congratulations to our fellow citizens in the Diaspora on this momentous occasion of Somaliland’s 29th Anniversary in regaining independence 18 May 2020. We are highly grateful to the Somalilanders who are always dedicatedly celebrating their national anniversaries: 18 May & 26 June in the various foreign countries mainly in Western Europe, North America, North/East Africa, South/West Africa, GCC Countries, South/East Asia, and Australia”.

“The national events in the successive months of May and June both momentous, and historic days in the history of Somaliland because of receiving independence and reassertion of the independence from the failed unity with Somalia respectively, and consequently memorializing them is not only imperative for the preservation of our country’s history but also for the cause of Somaliland – the 29 years old campaign in seeking international recognition. Within the Diaspora, it is an event we always take the opportunity to raise awareness and educate the world in the real story, the ultimate determination, and the quest for international recognition.”

“It is apparent that due to the universal lockdown and effect of the pandemic disease Covid-19, our communities abroad cannot hold commemorating events and make gathering this year. However, there are still key activities in regards to the celebration we can perform I.e. making more media exposure, putting up our flag over homes buildings, submitting petitions to constituent parliamentarians, councilors, political parties, and the heads of the receiving states or host countries abroad, and donating affordable funds to home for the fight against the Covid-19 disease which increasing new cases are daily identified.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to call for all the Somaliland Diaspora to make fundraising, and actively contribute to the crucial national campaign against this pandemic Covid-19 in Somaliland.

We are so grateful to the committed activists, committees, charity organizations, the representatives, and all those Somailanders in the Diaspora who are already involved in raising donations for their country, and making continuously remittances back home.

We are highly encouraging your full participation in sending one dollar home in commemorating 18 May 2020. We will inform you optional accounts for transferring, and particularly this initiative will be continued till the second national anniversary 26 June 2020 Insha Allah.

We are also to promote every other initiative, and processes that Diaspora members can support home, and respond to the current situation. We can achieve more with more our unified force, collective efforts, and stronger solidarity in serving our common interests.”
Celebrate May 18 by Sending a Dollar Home (Debbaal Degga May ugu Deeq Dalkaaga Dollar)

Save home by sending a dollar (Ku badbaadi dalkaaga adoo bixiya dollar)



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