Ministry Unveils New registration system for health professionals


THT- Somaliland’s Ministry of Health Development, today unveiled a state-of-the-art registration system for health professionals in the provinces and districts of the country, who shall voluntarily participate in the prevention and preparation of COVID-19.

The well-attended ceremony was held for the launch of the modern registration system which will be used by health professionals to register at home or at the workplace. Among those in attendance was the Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland who is also the Chairman of the National Committee for the Prevention and Preparedness of COVID-19, H.E Abdurrahman AbdallahI Ismail, Minister of Health, Hon. Omar Ali Abdilahi, Deputy Prime Minister, Director General, other members of the Cabinet and other dignitaries.

Representatives of GTS ,a local NGO donate this material to the ministry of health speaking at the event highlighted the importance of the system to the nation as a whole and to the well-being of the Somaliland community in curbing the COVID-19 pandemic which threatens the community.

The Minister of Health, Hon. Omar Abdilahi Ali, who addressed the forum first, emphasized the importance of this initiative and how it contributes to community mobilization, adding that every registrant who is registered with the ministry will easily see his information and qualifications will and will be called upon for community service whenever needed.

Minister of Health, HE Omar Abdullahi Ali said, “On Saturday, we shall be opening a central hotline service that connects the health and medical community to patients who needs advice and treatment

The Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E Abdurrahman Saylici, welcomed initiative to adopt the modern system which used in registering health professionals, and called on all health professionals to register, order to get well trained health professionals to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Goth Mohamed Goth


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