Somaliland: Interior Ministry Refutes Allegations of Jailing staffer


THT-The Ministry of Interior has refuted the fact that one of their lady staffers was jailed in a police cell courtesy of senior officials.

A top director in the ministry angered by the allegations asserted that the unverified claims were serious since it did not happen at all.

The Director General said that they had already given the identity of the culprit making the allegations and further details to the necessary security arms.

He further stated that the culprit is said to be abroad hence would be required to furnish the details once he returns.

On the other hand, the head of National Civil Servants Commission Mr Farhan Adan Habe has ascertained to the fact that he has already delved into the allegations and has so far failed to have a concrete evidence.

He said that he had senior police officials to probe the allegations. He said that public servants were to be acknowledged and their rights ought to be justifiably safeguarded.

The duo were giving a press conference together whereby the deputy Minister was present and who also noted the administration’s stance of sticking to ethics.

A senior lady official who spoke at the venue said that their department had no senior officials who unnecessarily mistreated junior ones.

By M.A. Egge




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