Government support mainstay in dispensing health services, says DG

Somaliland ministry of health

The Ministry of Health has reiterated its strong vigilance against the COVID 19 (Coronovirus) malaise since its pandemic was decried.

In a BBC radio programme, the Ministry’s DG Dr Mohamed Abdi Hergeeye, outlined how the administration had stepped up the dissemination and awareness of the disease and ways and means of combating it as preventive measures.

Dr Hargeeye noted that the impetus was pepped up with the maximum support received from the Head of State.

He said that evidence can be palpitated at the airport whereupon travellers disembarking from planes underwent checks at fully equipped clinical Centre established at Egal airport.

He observed that it is through moral and material support received from the administration that the department has been able to be diligent in their service delivery and dispensing side by side, he said, was the dissemination and public awareness efforts going on as means of sensitizing the populace such that prophylactic measures would be ensured and put in place.

By M.A. Egge


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