Somaliland: Defense of the Nation Orally and by Deed is a Moral Obligation for Every Citizen-Eng Deyr

Despite non recognition of Somaliland citizens have remained committed to their sovereignty

In spite of the wisdom, honesty and indefatigable nature of the President, the support and actively involvement of citizens is vital. The likelihood of succeeding and achieving the intended goals of the government is partly dependent on the degree of participation of country’s citizens.

In pursuit of a better future for our country and people, the past cannot be forgotten. President MBA is extremely aware of the terrible historical facts of his people. He is someone who is acutely aware of mistakes made in the past, learns the lessons and then acts on them accordingly.

The current President is the EMBODIMENT, SYMBOL AND ONE OF THE LIVING LEGENDS of the armed forces of freedom fighters who heroically rejected and fiercely fought against the atrocities and all cruel acts that the civilian population of Somaliland had suffered at the hands of the former dictatorial regime of Somalia led by FARMAAJO’s uncle, GENERAL SIYAAD BARRE.

As we are aware, our country is surrounded by geographically hostile and hate-breeding environment. Therefore, at a time of rising hostility and animosity towards the existence of our nation and country, we have no other choice but defending our country’s independence and sovereignty with WORD, DEED AND STRENGTH.

Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr)

We also need to emphasize and strengthen the key elements that work for the social fabric and public interest and bring our citizens together. Each and every one of us needs to stress and promote our NATIONHOOD, UNITY, TOLERANCE and SOCIAL COHESION among Somaliland people.

ALLAH bless and protect the people and country of Somaliland,

Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr)


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