President-elect gives eulogy of late Abdirizak Iyaale



By M.A. Egge

The President-elected H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi described the late Abdirizak Mohammed Iyaale as being a philanthropist and a people’s man in an long eulogy he gave at the state burial of just fallen chairman of the political parties registration and verification committee.

The newly elected Head of State gave a long biography of the late Abdirizak whom he described as a friend, neighbor and fellow SNM revolutionary struggle veteran.

He said that the deceased was a businessman who gave alms and handouts to the needy.

Noting he was privy to the late Abdirizak’s fight against ailment, he described him as a religiously learned man and a person who liked researching works of notable educationist like the late icon Musa Galan.

Generally pointing out various goodness of the late man the President-elect prayed to God to rest the departed soul in eternal peace and for his family, friends and relatives to have stronger faith in the trying moment of the passing away of the late Abdirizak Mohammed.

The state burial was attended by, apart from family members, relatives and friends, several high ranking party officials, senior government officials and politicians


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