Musa Bihi decries perpetration of hooliganism and thuggish acts


22815244_1653937631293440_8306898653879842571_nBy M.A. Egge

The flag bearer and chairman of the ruling Kulmiye party has lambasted hooligans who breached peace around his Wadani counterpart’s home.

Saying that such hooliganism and thuggish tendencies perpetrated during the presidential campaigns was unhealthy for the country’s harmony, Mr. Musa Bihi decried the pelting and attacks that was subjected to Hon. Abdirahman Irro’s home on Friday night. (See story elsewhere in this issue).

The Kulmiye presidential contender registered his anger at Borama when he addressed a full-house multitude of crowd at the town’s public grounds yesterday upon the third day of the party’s outing.

Each party has a day to campaign country-wide as per the national Elections Commission timetable for the 13th November 2017.

On Kulmiye’s Saturday outing similar crowd pulling rallies were made country-wide that saw the party’s supporters show their enthusiasm to see flag-bearer Bihi win the election.

He was flanked at Borama by the Deputy Speaker Hon. Ahmed Yasin Ayanle, Presidency Minister Hon. Mohammud Hashi Abdi, Hon. Ali Hassan of the Public Works, Hon. Abdillahi M. Dahir Ukuse of Livestock, Hon. Ahmed Haji Dahir of National Assemblies Coordination, Presidential Advisor Ali Mohammed Waran-adde, politicians and former ministers Abdillahi M. Duale, Hussein Ali Duale and several MPs and associated politicians of eminent personalities.

All speakers at the venue thanked the populace for the strong show of support. They urged them to forge solidarity with the Kulmiye flagbearer.

The ministers of the Presidency and Livestock spoke at length on the developmental aspects on progress realized by the party during its tenure.

Sultan A.J. Dawal and Sultan Ibrahim Jama Samatar reitereated Kulmiye’s developments.

An emotional and public appealing speech was made by the deputy speaker Hon. Ahmed Yasin.

The chairman promised that the Borama-Loyaddo road would be upgraded if he won the election.

He also pledged that equality and justice will be upheld in his administration.

Similar show of support was radiated in Gebiley, Berbera, Erigavo, Lasanod and Burao just as elsewhere in the country.



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