Presidential campaigns officially kicks off


22539933_819223051593396_1905435031038929023_nBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Campaigning officially kicked off today in Somaliland, which will hold its presidential elections on the 13th of November, 2017. The polls are positioned to represent the fifth normal transfer of power in the country’s 27-year history.

The Justice and Welfare party (UCID) Presidential candidate Eng. Feisal Ali Waraabe addressed thousands of supporters as he began campaigning in earnest in the Burao , Togdheer region.

Eng. Feisal Ali Waraabe, Speaking to his supporters at the said, “If, I am elected the next President of Somaliland cum on 13th of November, I will establish commercial law and investment policies which have specific advantages and these policies will attract foreign investment – creates employment, increases living standards and can lead to a technological development in the long run through technology transfers. Furthermore, the country will realize positive level of economic development.

The Presidential candidate added, “With economic development, the country also attains advanced level of human capital development. This means an improvement in the skills, talents and education of the general population through the provision of good schools, quality learning environments and materials.

“So please I want to use this opportunity to urge you the people of Burao and Togdheer to support and vote for my candidacy cum the upcoming presidential elections”, he said.

Other top Justice and Welfare party (UCID) officials also addressed the thousands of supporters who thronged the Burao public grounds.


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