President opens One day consultation Forum on Economic Wide PPD


By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo today opened a one day consultation forum on economic wide PPD organized by the Ministry of Commerce and International Investment meant to promote and enhance government policy on private investment in the country.

The forum will provide space for networking between government ministries, Somaliland chamber of commerce, public, private, foreign and local and international NGOs actors to consult on the policy dialogue for private sector development.

The President speaking during the event said,” The Government of Somaliland is fully aware of the vital role of the private sector, thus the need of adopting better working rights of privately owned businesses and ways of creating laws by promoting policies that will foster strategic economic plan and the development of the private sector. we aim to encourage the principles of free enterprise hence the private sector to achieve sustainable economic development and business growth.

The President speaking during the event

My government, is for the first-time opening consultation conference on the policy dialogue for private sector development and which will inclusive focus on the proposed policy and promote the national economy, in order to achieve economic growth, competition, trade and job creation, the Somaliland economic PPD forum will identify the challenges and constraints on investment in the key sectors of the economy such as agriculture, energy, livestock , industry , manufacturing services and others……


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