WADANI working in cahoots with Somalia to undermine SL nationhood


By THT Team

The Wadani opposition party and the Federal Republic of Somalia are in cahoots to subversively undermine the nationhood of Somaliland.

Going by reports from London in the UK and elsewhere that the country’s national official opposition party is working jointly with the Mogadishu government of Somalia to mobilize several demos against the government of Somaliland is treachery of the highest order.

The demonstrations are precisely tailored against the international agreements that SL has entered with either foreign multinational companies or governments that are meant to uplift the living standards of the people of SL and bring about the much needed development.

The party has written to the UN, the EU, the AU, Arab League, Igad, the US, the UK and other governments seeking their interventions to block any such developmental projects that SL has entered with foreign entities.

Given that such agreements that may be affected are those concerning oil exploration or modernization of Berbera Port, it is to be noted that all agreements have been legal, the latest being the establishing of foreign military base which was unanimously and overwhelmingly voted for by both Houses of the National Assemblies Parliament.

These disturbing reports add that both Wadani and the Farmajo government are to hold demos at the UAE embassies in the UK and abroad and also liaison offices of the government.

The reports say that meetings were going on in secret in London to make good of the threat between Wadani and Somalia officials.

Some of the letters sent to these countries and institutions carry fabricated lies against Somaliland, for instance (see letter below) on the waging of wars against neighbours.

Given that SL is a sovereign defacto state which runs its own businesses independent dently, the Wadani action, if it goes through, will be overtly treacherous hence will also testify to the suspicion that it was always undermining the country from within and without at the expense of nationhood to the interests of Somalia.

Read below the petition that undermines Somaliland directly written to Somalia President Farmaajo, Mr. Michael Keating etc and below it see that of Wadani.


UAE defense base in Somaliland is illegal and MUST be stopped


ONE SOMALIA United Kingdom


The UAE government in January submitted a formal application seeking permission from the “Somaliland Administration” to open a military base in the port town of Berbera.

Somaliland is part of the Federal Republic of Somalia and do not have the authority both constitutionally and logically to agree the establishment of a military base within the Somali territory.

We therefore call The Somali President H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo , The UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia Michael Keating to interfere and prevent the establishment of this illegal military.

The United Arab Emirates has donated military equipment to Somaliland Police force. The equipment includes armoured vehicles, traffic police motorbikes, jeep vehicles and water tankers, This is ILLEGAL action of arming a federal state within Somalia without the permission of the central government.

This donation is also an act of bribery to make sure the Somali land administration to agree to the establishment of the military base.

Any state selling or donating arms to Somalia has to show that there are strict measures in place to make sure the weapons will not be used by paramilitary militias to flagrantly violate rights. If they haven’t done that, no transfer should take place.

Since the UAE donated to Somaliland , the administration has involved in several clashes with local militia in the Khatumo state region of Somalia and Puntland.

We also urge The prime minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Emir of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to stop intruding the Somali territory without the Permission of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF SOMALIA.







Peace-loving Somalilanders will assemble in front of the UAE Embassy in London  on THURSDAY, 2ND March, 2017 and will express their total refusal  to Berbera Sell-out. Your commitment to participate is vital to defend your country against foreign domination. Five basic reasons to come out, stand up and defend your country  :


1). Berbera will be the spring board to bomb,  destroy and kill innocent Muslim Yemeni  civilians , children and women.

2) Strategic Resource Corporation, “Private security & Military South African   Contractor”  will be sub-contracted to operate and manage Berbera Military Base. The CEO of Strategic Resources Corporation, Mr. Eeben Barlow, was the commander of the  South African mercenary forces that bombed Hargeisa in 1988.

3). The Hawk Hunter planes that destroyed Hargeisa in 1988 will be used to maim and kill Yemeni Muslim brothers. For the record, the Hawker Hunter planes that bombed Hargeisa were provided to Siyad Barre Dictator by UAE Government.

4)  Somaliland is not part of current  Arab  regional  conflict . Berbera and its residents will be within the range of Scud Missiles and  safety  of fishing and marine commercial vessels to Berbera  Port will be at jeopardy.

5) SAFE OUR CHILDREN :Arabs are  well known for their Bi-sexual orientation and romantic attraction to persons of the opposites sex and  South African mercenaries are certified alcoholics and womanizers. The reasons are countless. We all honorable Somalilander’s  to  Come out, stand-up and fight for your country.



 THURSDAY, 2ND MARCH, 2017  – BETWEEN 11:00-15 PM




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