Adami refutes resignation rumours


By M.A. Egge

The Defense Minister Hon. Ahmed Haji Ali Adami has dismissed rumours that he had resigned from the cabinet.

The minister who spoke to our sister paper Dawan’s Feisal Hiis Weerar was dispelling the allegation that appeared in Facebook claiming that he was disillusioned by the administration as concerns the foreign military base to be established in Berbera by the U.A.E.

He said that it was quite improper for unverified, flimsy and false items to be peddled.

“One has got to verify and corroborate facts before publishing any items”, he said.

“This is pure and baseless lies” he added.

The veteran politician and respected long time public high profile official said that he was an elderly person who has worked tirelessly for the rebuilding, reconstruction and development of the country.

“I’ve always been for the positive side supporting anything that is good for the country”, he asserted.

Hon. Adami said that as concerns the U.A.E. military base in Berbera he felt it was something positive which will contribute to the progress of the country.

“We have servicemen whom we send to foreign lands but now they can be trained within”, he said.

He continued, “The opposition only went far with their emotions but deep down they know the goodness of the issue and impact (military base) will have to the nation as concerns development”.


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