A high level ministerial Head for Kuwait


By Goth Mohamed Goth
A high level ministerial led by Dr. Saad Ali Shire and consisting of members of the national drought coordination committee today flew out of the country headed for Kuwait, the Somaliland delegation is set to seek for funds to aid affecting rural population has been gathering momentum for the last two years.
Hon Mahmoud Hashi Abdi, Minister in charge of Presidential Affairs speaking to journalists at the Egal International Airport said, “Our journey to Kuwait is to seek for assistance which is highly needed to save lives both human and livestock.
The government of Somaliland has in previously called on international community to take immediate and responsive action for their humanitarian assistance on the 1.5 million drought-affected people in Somaliland and which 500,000 have being displaced.
The government of Kuwait has in past provided 10 Million to funds the rehabilitation of the Egal and Berbera International Airports.


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