Interior ministry unperturbed by threat of being sued by Jamal’s faction


By M. A. Egge
The Ministry of Interior Hon. Yasin Mohamed Hiir has said that there
is nothing wrong whatsoever that his department has done against the
UCID faction led by Jamal Ali Hussein. The faction has said that it
will sue the ministry in a new twist of events in the UCID saga. The
ministry maintains that it is unperturbed by the threat.
He however said that they (Jamal’s faction of UCID) had all the
constitutional rights to seek redress in a court of law if they felt
that their rights have been infringed upon by anybody.
Hon. Faratoon who spoke exclusively to our sister paper Dawan made it
categorically clear that the country had only one UCID (opposition
party) and not two UCIDs.
He told reporter Feysal Hiis Werer, “The nation is a democratic one
and every citizen who feels his/her rights is infringed upon can
always seek redress in a court of law”, said Hon. Fartuun.
The Minister was clarifying issues following the government’s
obstruction of Jamal’s faction from holding a separate convention at
Maansoor Hotel a day when the mainstream UCID led by Chairman Feysal
Ali Hussein (they are not brothers) was holding another one at
Ambassador Hotel.
Both leaders have sparred it out at the Supreme Court following
Feisal’s appeal against an earlier arbitration verdict given by the
National Political Parties Registration Commission hence they were
ordered to have a joint convention according to the rules of the party
and as per the agreements between a prior union of the factions.
“When we blocked the Jamal faction from holding a parallel meeting we
were within the law since there is only one UCID”, said the minister.
He added, “We have not erred personally against Jamal but the one
party we allowed to have their convention was according to the
arbitration verdict”.
He thus said whoever felt that his/their rights were trampled upon may
seek redress in a court of law because this was a democratic country.


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