Minister of Trade dismisses Somalia’s auditor general Remarks


IMG_3857By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Trade and International Investment Eng. Hussein Aden Egge has rebuffed remarks made by Somalia’s auditor general, Farah Nour Jimale in which he termed the Somaliland and DP World Berbera port deal illegal as baseless and lacking merit.

Eng. Hussein Aden Egge “The Federal Government of Somalia recent activities show that they have embarked on a warpath meant to short-circuit Somaliland development, this is evident in its continuous propaganda war and the complains made to various countries regarding investment deals the Republic of Somaliland made foreign companies including the DP World Berbera port deal.

Hon Hussein added, “This isn’t the first time SFG has used provocative language meant to tarnish Somaliland image neither is it the first time they have tried to undermine country’s peace, progress, stability and sovereignty.

The Trade Minister noted the fact that the country was closely following the perpetual subversive acts of Mogadishu. He further vouched for the fact that Somaliland was indebted on the aspirations and development of its subjects and that it has all the capabilities of defending the same. “It’s a high time they should realize their actions are doomed to failure and no matter what they do they should be aware that we will prevail and their wicked intentions won’t affect neither influence our relations with our investment partners (Foreign companies) in any way”, he said.

The Trade Minister when asked if he was aware of the recent trip by President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud to Jig Jiga, regional capital of the Somali Administered region of Ethiopia(DDSI) in which he answered “Somalia campaign meant to stop Somaliland from utilizing its natural resources and also it’s clear they will go to any length to archive their mission. The minister warned the SFG leaders to desist from aggravating subversive acts completely and that they should stop living in elusive dreams and illusions of a greater Somalia.

The affiliation that exists between Somaliland and Ethiopia is based on historical friendship, politically, socially and economically hence unbreakable and no external force can break this bond of friendship and solidarity.

Eng. Hussein Aden Egge on the other hand praised SL lawmakers for overwhelmingly voting in favour of the Somaliland and DP World Berbera port deal.


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