EU funds reliable electrical power for Hargeisa hospital


Hargeisa HospitalHARGEISA, On the June 8th , 2016, the European Union and its partners, Hargeisa Group Hospital, Terre Solidali and United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) inaugurated new electrical power system for Hargeisa hospital which is expected to help save lives and improve general wellbeing of the people by powering the hospital.

EU Ambassador to Somalia hailed the latest support to the people of Somaliland as timely saying healthcare is a primary universal need for every person and that such crucial support is at the heart of the EU comprehensive approach to improving living standards of the people.

“A healthy community is a productive community and without reliable electricity the Hargeisa Group Hospital will not be able to render its services effectively. This is why the European Union is passionate and dedicated at supporting such a crucial medical facility that attends to thousands of people in Hargeisa and beyond,” Head of the EU Delegation to Somalia Ambassador Michele Cervone d’Urso said.

The new support to the hospital included procurement and installation of two generators and essential electrical materials which guarantees the availability of continuous power supply, thereby increasing the quality of services and safety of patients. The EU funded action followed a comprehensive approach to the hospital development and management aimed at addressing all components that would make the hospital a much better facility for all.

The EURO 1.5 Million worth project targeted to improving healthcare by increasing efficiency, quality and sustainability of health services provided by the hospital. It specifically supported the development of an infrastructure master plan for the hospital geared towards supporting functional integration of the various departments of the hospital. Further, the action supported the development of small-scale infrastructure interventions as well as procurement of equipment for the hospital.


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