The Nations Future Shines Brighter than Never Before-Ambassador Bashe Awil

Ambassador Bashe Awil, Head of Somaliland Embassy in the United Arab EmiratesAmbassador Bashe Awil, Head of Somaliland Embassy in the United Arab Emirates
Ambassador Bashe Awil, Head of Somaliland Embassy in the United Arab Emirates

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Ambassador Bashe Awil, Head of Somaliland Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, in a televised announced the start of the second round of ongoing talks between the two brotherly countries, in Dubai.

The Head of Somaliland Mission in the United Arab Emirates said, “My Fellow countrymen, as you’re well aware of, On the 9th of May ,2016, the Emirate of Dubai jointly with the government of Somaliland opened the first phase talks focused on the Investment in port of Berbera, a  natural deep water port that has the potential to attract more shipping lines to East Africa and its modernisation will act as a catalyst for the growth of the country and the region’s economy, not to mention the other wider economic cooperation across a range of sectors.

“I am honored, on behalf of nation and my fellow brethren to receive our own SL delegation who are currently on a working visit in Dubai, UAE.As you’re well aware of their mission here is to conclude and seal the historical deal.By signing the final document which binds the agreement to set up a joint venture company to invest in and manage the Port of Berbera, meant to pave the way and at the same time enabling the historic and strategic port to achieve its full potential for becoming a regional trade and logistics hub and which in turn shall develop and provide economic and financial advantages to society for the long term, creating employment for current and future generations”, Ambassador Bashe Awil stated.

Ambassador Bashe Awil stated, “On the other hand, the citizens of two nations share a long and common history, in fact the UAE was the first nation to respond to President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo appeal for assistance to the international community meant to alleviate the suffering of those most affected by the drought though providing much needed humanitarian support.

“The visiting Somaliland delegation, God willing (InshAllah) shall return to the country next Tuesday, upon their arrival they shall brief their fellow countrymen on the details of the joint agreement; The one Million question is who stands to benefit from the deal…Off course, the answer is obvious-The common Somaliland citizen living in the country or the Diaspora are the only and rightful beneficiaries, without support and blessings, none of these would be possible”, he added.

Ambassador Bashe Awil further stressed, “I would like use these opportunity to urge both the Supporters and opponents to put aside their differences aside and join hands for the sake nation we dearly cherish and love but most importantly for the greater good and for the betterment of future generations to come; Hence my appeal to all of you I, my Brethren, in the broader political spectrum not politesse the issue at hand in order to satisfy our own personal egos and interests, as the saying goes “United we stand, Divided we Fall”. Those of you, who may have reservations, are invited to highlight their grievances with proper authorities.

“As for me, I am blessed to be a serving civil servant, especially during my servitude to the nation and at the helm in my tenure in office as the current Somaliland Ambassador; I, sacrificed everything sacred to me , in a bid to secure the single and most important deal in country’s 25 years,,Somaliland Haa Noolatoo”, Ambassador Bashe Awil.

The agreement comes as part of a larger government-to-government memorandum of understanding between the Dubai and the government of the Republic of Somaliland to further strengthen their strategic ties.

The US $442 million project will be phased over time and is dependent on the volumes generated at the port. It will also involve the setting up of a free zone to help support the development of Berbera’s trade corridors.



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