Let us be sensitive to the feelings of the people


Last week we ran in this column an appeal to politicians to prioritize the grave situation that SL people are in due to the severe famine which has not seen rainfall for the past three seasons.

Since then, the thing we all feared has already started happening. Thus, the deaths of our kin due to the famine which has gone out of control.

We understand that the situation is indeed so grave, so, precarious, so dire and so disturbing.

The most fragile in the community have started succumbing to the catastrophe of Mother Nature.

Yes, those in advanced aged and the very young ones.

Of course the sick are in this bracket too and are quite susceptible to the affliction. Anyhow, what we wonder is where our political leaders are; those in the Guurti, the parliamentarians, the traditional leaders and all other eminent ones.

Of course we know the importance of having the electioneering process to go on and to adhere to its stipulated timings.

It is sad to see a section of the political parties move about as if everything is alright while at the same time we see our kin dying of hunger and the rest of the population displaced.

We are not asking Wadani and Kulmiye or UCID not to exercise their constitutional rights.

What we are appealing for is for the feelings and integrity of the suffering population to be acknowledged hence the celebratory-like spirit be toned down by the political parties. They should instead put more efforts to the lifting up of the morale of suffering pastoralists who make up the bulk of the population.

We asked in this column last week where the politicians would get people to vote for them if they perished.

Sadly, the deaths have started being counted; thus the worst results of any calamity.

Given the status quo of the famine situation and especially at a time when the Head of State went abroad to seek for such aid hence the state has just officially appealed to the IC to eke in more aid, is it not wise that we tone down what may be perceived, either rightly or wrongly, a partying time?

Is it not incumbent upon us to put the plight of the people and nation of SL first before anything else?

Dear Brethren, all Somalilanders want, need and like what is good for the country.

While this is so, don’t how foreigners perceive us from local news matter?

Once again we appeal to the world community, the International donors, International and local NGOs, partners and friends of SL, entrepreneurs whether they are Somalilanders or not, and all patriots as a whole to help and support the appeals of our President, our minister, the national committee on famine relief, the RGs etc that have so far been made.

To our politicians and renowned personalities we similarly call for them to be more sensitive to their people’s plights.




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