Slain Berbera RPC is stately laid to rest


12798920_1117268298297365_5254448277480258768_nBy M.A. Egge

The slain Berbera Regional Police Commander was laid to rest in a state burial led by the Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael Sayli’I on Friday.

The late Major Abdirizak Yusuf Mohamud Asseyr in a scenario that had the hallmarks of banditry over the week at Biyooley, some 30km east of the coastal town of Berbera.

The aftermath of his death caused ripples and demos in some towns, especially Erigavo, whereby tempers flared calling for the immediate arrests of the culprits who perpetrated the heinous crime.

“This sad issue was an immense burden to the state given that a state serviceman in uniform is gunned downed aimlessly”, sad the VP by the graveside upon the burial.

He said that the barbaric behavior was long forgotten a quarter of a century ago and whoever revisits it knows the pangs of its pain.

“We are however relieved with the fact that the perpetrators have been apprehended and are in safe custody” said the VP.

He sent is heartfelt condolences to the family relatives and friends of the police officer and to the country as a whole on the sad occasion.

“We are here for a state burial in the honour of the late Major Abdirizak Asseyr who was an officer of an important force and I pray that may all our hearts be filled with faith and instilled with perseverance during this trying moment”, said the VP solemnly while addressing the thousands of monsters.

Many national eminent personalities were present who amongst party leaders, cabinet ministers, Guurti and House of representative MPs,
civic and traditional leaders.12832466_984109991663534_5100576840122698080_n

UCID national chairman Eng. Feisal noted that the departed police commander’s death was a loss to the whole nation.

The Minister of the Presidency Hon. Mohamud Hashi  Abdi noted with wisdom the fact that, “everyone will have to die”, and added, “it is only the manner in which they lose lives that differ”.

The minister, in an epitaph, gave a recap of the life history of the late Asseyr in a short speech.

He said that he know the late officer as a young man who was quite active and progressive.

“He joined the struggle of independence at a tender age and was amongst the pioneers of SL police forces”, said the minister.

“He rose up the ranks from commanding police posts, stations and regions after his ability was noted immediately”, he said.

Hon. Hashi stated that the late Major Asseyr served as an operations commander in Sanaag, commanded regional police divisions at Sanaag itself, Togdeer and eastern Marodijeh hence served in the same capacity at Sahil region until his demise.

“The late Asseyr was personally a man with self-composure”, he said many described him as a person with charisms and pragmatic.

The minister detonated tension that was palpable in the aftermath of the slaying by saying that even advanced nations experienced such hiccups.

“Such types of incidences normally occur in cities across the world, even in the mightiest ones”, he said.

“However, the essence of nationhood and its capacities in the wake of such incidences is judged by how swiftly the culprits are apprehended”, said the minister meaning that the diligences of administrations are reflected by their swift management of crises.

In this case the immediate arrest of the culprits and their subsequent prosecution is what public management is all about.

The minister assured the members of the public that the suspected will be taken duly to court.

He said that it was against brethren-ship to let such issues take communal trends.

“When such incidences occur it should not get out of hand to forge tribal innuendoes”, said the minister.

“The people should not let wedges between communities to set in”, he advised.

Others who spoke are Eng. Ali Horhor, the Berbera Port Manager, and the Berbera Mayor to mention but a few

Mourners who attended the burial and spoke to the media were several ministers, notably Hon. Ali Waran-adde, Hon, Sa’ad Ali Shire, Veteran,Guurti elder Hon. Haji Abdikarim Hussein etc.

All their messages echoed each other hence prayed for the soul of the slain officer and a message of peaceful tranquility.

Since the incidence, hundreds of messages of condolences have pouned into various media outlets


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