Guurti veteran elder Abdikarim is back



By M.A. Egge

The eminent grand politician Hon. Abdikarim Hussein Yusuf who was flown out of the country last week for specialized treatment abroad jetted back into the country on Friday walking quite well.

The Guurti MP who happens to be amongst the most respected elder cum politician in the country was received by the Minister of the Presidency Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi, the state minister in the same ministry Hon. Mohammed Muse Abees, the chairman of Ucid political party Engineer Feisal Ali Waraabe, several MPs from both houses of the parliament and numerous personalities amongst others.

The senior citizen whose advanced age is amongst the vastest not only in the parliament but in the whole country told the press that he was quite well and thanked all those who were involved in his airlift, treatment and visitations.

He said that apart from the advanced aged and post-ailment recuperation lethargy.

Hon. Abdikarim walked from the plane to the VIP lounge where he spoke to the members of the press.

He was nursed at an Addis Ababa health facility in Ethiopia where he had been for the week-long treatment.


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