Minister of Energy and Minerals Inspects Solar Power Project at Edna Aden Hospital


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa -Edna Hospital and Edna university flipped the switch to solar this week, becoming the first acute-care facility in the country to have a large portion of its energy demands met by a solar array systems hosted by the hospital.

Somaliland Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon Hussein AbdiDualeh during a familiarization visit to the Edna Aden Hospital had the opportunity to be shown the newly installed solar power systems hosted by the hospital

The Minister of Energy and Minerals speaking during the visit to the Edan Aden Hospital said “I would like to use this opportunity to laud Mrs. Edan Aden and all the Edna Aden hospital staff for embracing Solar  power , I hope such investment will pave way for cheaper electricity power for the hospital and patients alike.

“We have already introduced 8 similar projects across the country, all which will be based on alternative energy solutions such as Solar and wind power for increased and improved clean and cheap energy supply for sustainable economic development such as this wind,” he said.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals added, “Solar power in Somaliland is also rapidly emerging as a promising alternative source of energy. The government has realised that the potential for renewable sources of energy should be exploited to help revitalise the region’s power supply and provide a cost-effective alternative.

“We must seriously look at sources of renewable energy such as solar and wind power, especially when Somaliland has over 340 days of sun and some of the fastest wind in the world,” says Dualeh.

The use of solar energy is one of the many innovative components of the Edan Aden Hospital that, in aggregate, set the stage for providing a higher level of care and treatment to the citizens of Somaliland and the whole region.




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