Ministers hail DMG’s efforts in upgrading productions


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The Minister of Information, National Guidance and Culture Hon. Abdillahi Mohamed Dahir U’kuse paid a courtesy call cum inspection tour at the Dawan Media Group and lauded the newspapers’ fledgling efforts.

Similar tour to the same place hours earlier was made by his assistant Hon. Abdiwahid A. Abdikadir who was accompanied by veteran journalist who is presently the ministerial consultant Mr. Hussein Ali Noor.

All the officials who were conducted to a tour by DMEs’ CEO Mr. Mohamed Osman Mirre a.k.a  Seyid happily praised the DMG’s services especially their steadfastness in upgrading their productions.

The paper started printing coloured newspapers from last year, pioneering in the field in the country’s history.

No other paper has any production in colour in the whole nation.

They praised, too, the current efforts the DMG is making to install its own printing press.

They visited the new construction site, which is to house the press, which is nearing completion.

The urged the paper to make good use of its facilities to boost a fledgling enterprise.

Somalilanders have in recent months received the paper warmly, both in its services, quality and fairness.


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