Bubaa’s worst gaffe yet on impounded vessel; How on earth should SL hide the catchment?


When it comes to Somaliland and its security, Somalilanders hold all the aces; and there are no buts about it.

It not only came as a shock to the country when the supposedly most honourable chap with the most powerful wand to wave in putting the check on the state making the security tenets’ gaffe; but more so, the chap made himself a laughing stock even in the eyes of the international community, and of course, ridiculing our whole image.

Upon the impounding of the ship with the contraband military, Ibrahim M. Bubaa cried foul in a loud wail that the Interior Minister Hon. Waran-adde was quite ignorant of diplomatic etiquettes, especially as concerns security!

He un-intelligently said that the “state should have kept mum” on the MV. Shakir issue!

Perhaps it serves us right to be laughing stock for SL chose to put such a person at the helm of such a committee in our parliament.

He is the chairman of the permanent committee, the most powerful multi-purpose organ of the parliament that can summon anyone any time!

Buubaa showed that he was either completely ignorant of what legalities entails or he was out rightly abusing it for reasons best known to himself.

We believe that he knows that any sea, air or road transporting carrier that ferries contraband effects that carry capital punishments are liable to be confiscated directly by the state.

The fines or jail teams imposed by the culprits are not withstanding for that matter.

Now, when Mr. Bubaa was saying that we hide the issue and sweep it under the carpet, was he meaning that SL was to abet in the illegal arms peddling?

Or was he imbibing that we invoke barbarism and loot the catchments of military gear?

Or was the loud screams meant to be-little Hon. Waran-adde?

What or whom was he discrediting if not his own self? So far, no one has commented on his gaffe. However sad it may suffice to say, though, his gaffe has played into many a small mind!

It should go on record that the minister was justified in all means and being diligent to his national and international duties. His colleague, Hon. Adami of Defence, made this quite clear.

Somalilanders should take care of the likes of Buubaa’s recklessness, short-mindedness, ill-timings, and poor grasp of legal procedures and total ignorance of who knows what next!


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