Sultan Wabar Intimidation Tactics won’t Work-Post Minister


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister Post and Telecommunication Hon Mohamed Jama Abgal has pointed a finger to the rogue Sultan Abubakar Elim Wabar as being the mastermind of the Thursday night armed attack on a police station in Borame town.

The Post and Telecommunications Minister speaking during a press conference held in his office today said, “I condemn in the strongest terms the incident which occurred Thursday night meant to intimidated and disrupt the peace, the pass by shooting on a police station was the work of the rogue Sultan Wabar and his accomplices, intimidation tactics won’t work .

Hon Abgal further went on to say, “For the last one and month, the rogue Sultan has being alleging that his mission was to champion for the rights of the people of Awdal region and at the same time clearly stating to be anti-Somaliland but worse still the pass by shooting incident occurred at a time when all traditional leaders, intellectuals, politicians and religious leaders are away from their homes gathered together in the district of Geb in Awdal to discuss and find ways to improve the community.

“We shall not allow Sultan Wabar and his accomplices to disrupt the peace and in assure you the government is committed to safeguard the properties and lives of citizens of this country and shall use all means in its disposal to deal with those anarchists”, he said

Lastly the Posts and Telecommunication concluded by saying, “I would like to use this opportunity to warn those in the few living diaspora who support Sultan wabar against spreading hatred and animosity.



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