Citizens Warned Against Using Forged Travel Documents


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Major Abdi Sale ban, the commanding officer of immigration services at Egal international airport speaking to at a press conference held in his office advised citizens against using forged travel document warning anyone caught using such documents will face the full wrath of law.

The Immigration services officer speaking to reporters on the arrest of a young woman who was caught at the Egal International by immigration officers a day earlier while trying to travel outside the country using forged Norwegian travel documents by a man who had falsely claimed to be spouse.

“It’s the government policy to arrest anyone caught using forged travel documents or those of someone else “, Major AbdiSaleban , Head of Immigration at the Egal International airport.

Major AbdiSaleban added, “Incidents involving people using forged documents have been increasing in recent times and we have managed to arrest more than 326 people in the past year alone.

Somaliland authorities have improved essential migration management capacities through practical training of hundreds of immigration, security and civil aviation officers, provision of equipment and IT systems for passenger inspections and the rehabilitation of four selected ports-of-entry, including Hargeisa, Wajale, Borama and Berbera.


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