President in major up-country meet- the- people tour


Progress is achieved by working together, he tells the populace

By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT): The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud Silanyo who kicked of a hectic up-country tour over the weekend that is slated to cover most of the country has been carrying the main message to the populace in his meet-the-people tour which is that ‘the government could only work best when the people blended in with support’.

This is a true fact anywhere on earth as no state can do anything itself.

While he was at Sabowanaag in Marodijeh region where he had a long stop-over and had lunch, the President consulted with traditional and contemporary leaders yesterday afternoon.

The President who was being accompanied by the First Lady Amina Haji Mohamoud Jirde and a large delegation of cabinet ministers, MPs, senior government officials, service commanders and traditional leaders was expected to start the fourth day of his tour leading towards Togdheer and Saraar regions according to reports.

The head of state started these long treks criss-crossing regions a day after visiting the Dawga’ad road (see story elsewhere in this issue) has been monitoring several projects, initiating new ones and at the same time meeting the people in the tour.

He first traveled to Gebiley, Kalabaid, Dila and Baki whereby he addressed the people all along the journey, stopping at almost each and every center along the way.

At Baki the President laid the foundation stones for both a new police station and a prison. Both the prison and police forces commanders were present.

At Togwajaale he laid the foundation stone for the construction of a stadium.

He particularly toured the Agricultural seeds propagation centre belonging to the national forces.

The President made a stop-over at Geed-balaad where livestock department officials were doing some clinical works in the area.

He inaugurated Allaybaday’s district state guest house and also looked over the Alaybaday- Arabsiyo road whose works are scheduled.

Later on the same day (Friday) the President reached Faroweine where he inaugurated the water rig whose installation has just been completed.

At the same time he over-saw the installation of a similar water rig at Waddo-Makahil in the same area.

He also laid the foundation stone of an MCH to be put up at the same centre.

Visiting almost every village along the road to Balligubadle such as Waddo-Baris etc, the President could well palpate the situation the pastoralists were in.

He inaugurated various projects, inspecting others, while at Balligubadle, where he spent the night.

He laid a foundation stone for a school at Kaabadda, a centre along the way to Sallahley.

He also inaugurated the new immigration office at Ina Guha.

The President was expected to spend last night at Haji Saalah in Daad Mareed region hence continue his journey towards Saraar and Togdeer regions.


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