SONYO Elects New Leadership


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa (THT) Somaliland National Youth Organization SONYO had over the week  in a meeting held at organization headquarters elected a new leadership and for the first time ever elected a new chairman and his deputy from Awdal and Sool region.

The new leadership was elected through voting process in which 72 delegates drawn from all regions of the country and the various organizations in the youth umbrella participated.

The 72 Delegates gathered in the youth organization headquarters conference Hall at first chose three delegates among themselves as organizing committee members took over from the Preparatory committee which was headed by Mr. Faysal Mohamed Madar (Qumuj)in a bid optimize the work process.

Mr. Mubarik Ismael Thani , the outgoing chairman of SONYO speaking during today’s proceeding urged the new representing all regions of the country to choose the new leaders in a fair and wisely manner and to refrain from anything which may jeopardize the organization 13 years integrity.

“Today we all gather here for second day of the 7th general to choose the new leaders who will lead this organization for the next 2 years and I am glad to see delegates from all over the country are present here today and in accordance with the organization constitution I am obliged to oversee the process is transparent, free and fair way. Whatever transpires here today matters to us all and I would also like on behalf of the outgoing team to use this opportunity to urge the incoming leaders to continue where we left and take SONYO to new heights and serve the youth of this nation”, Mr. Mubarik said.

With their ID cards hanging around the delegates necks and present during the voting observers from the different stakeholders and friends of SONYO who were invited to keep an eye on the proceedings of the meeting.

For the smooth running of the meeting, the delegates elected a chairing committee that ran the election process. For the purpose of transparency and accountability, the outgoing board members presented bit by bit the financial assets and project performances of the umbrella during the last two years.

The 72 delegates afterwards elected 19 new board members of the Somaliland National Youth Organization SONYO for the next two years which included an additional board member from Sool region after the number of delegates from Sool region was increased from the previous 2 to 3.

This was followed by the electing of Mr. Siyad Omer Ali from Awdal region and Mr. Abdiqhani Mahmoud Jidhe from Soll region by the delegates for the post of the new chairman and deputy chairman of SONYO.

This is the first time in the 13 years history of the organization to be led by a chairman from Awdal region and also the first time for the deputy chairman from Sool region.

Mr. Siyad Omer Ali, the New Chairman of Somaliland National Youth Organization SONYO

Mr. Siyad Omer Ali, the New Chairman of Somaliland National Youth Organization SONYOspeaking at the venue said, “It is a honor and privilege for me to chosen by you (Delegates) and I would like to thank all who vote me and also those who didn’t this shows this organization represents all the youth in the country no matter which region they come from and those delegates who are absent today, I promise to reach out them and I hope they shall join and to get their support.

The absent three delegates all from Hargeisa later joined in after Mr. Hassan Saeed one of the founders of SONYO intervened.

Mr. Mubarik Ismael Thani the outgoing chairman for the last two years later stood in front of the delegates to explain the achievements made during his tenure at the helm of the youth organization.

The New chairman of SONYO will assume office after 30 days in accordance with the constitution of the organization.



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