Ministry of Water Resources Launches Water Supply Project funded by Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) in Gargooray Agro-Pastoralist Area, Awdal Region


The Ministry of Water Resources and SDF Launched 4 Water Supply Projects within Last three Months

– 3 urban cities of Berbera, Las’anod, Burao and Gargooray Rural Settlement in Awdal Region-


Somaliland’s Ministry of Water Resources has launched a new water supply project in Gargooray agro-pastoral area, near Boon district of Awdal region. The Gargooray Water Supply sub-project is another output of Water Resources Development project funded by Somaliland Development Fund (SDF). Gargooray water supply project is part of the government’s drives funded by SDF to bring services to the people of the country and will see boreholes being drilled, construction of water supply system and the establishment of water sustainable management committee in the district. Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) has been nationally recognized as most effective and cost efficient development program ever came to Somaliland as positively expected by local communities to experience immediate impacts improving their lives from SDF program. It was few days ago when SDF and Ministry of Water Resources launched water supply projects in three major cities of Berber, Burao and Las’anod.


The Gargooray sub-project launching ceremony which was held in Gargooray on Monday, December 15 2014, was attended by Dr. Abdirazak Jama Nuur, Director General of the Ministry of Water Resources, Mr. Abdirahman Nuur Sugal, Deputy Governor of Awdal region, Mr. Mohamed Hussein, the Mayor of Boon District, four Borama city councilors, two famous and highly respected traditional leaders of Awdal Region and high-ranking officials from central government, police commanders, senior staffs from Ministry of Water Resources, representatives from Shaba Borama water supply company, Aqils, Sheikhs, businessmen, women and youth, community intellectuals, community development workers, politicians, communication hub staffs and media groups.


The launching ceremony revealed that MoWR and SDF are working to provide access to clean and safe water for not only urban cities but also for rural communities in Somaliland. Interviewed target people indicated the scarcity of water in Gargooray where it has no water sources and the nearest water points are shallow wells 40km away to the East and 43kms to west.


In his opening remarks, Mohamed Hussein, Mayor of Boon District pointed out that the project will address the problem of water shortage in Gargooray, where he stated the residents used to travel a distance of 40 km to get clean water. The mayor requested from SDF and MoWR to accelerate drilling borehole as Gargooray people has been suffering long.


”Gargooary has been suffering from long persisted water scarcity but they suffered again from previous failed borehole drilled on the mountain and now I am praying my Almighty God to make sure success of this project and sustainability will be in our hands and we are wholeheartedly requesting from Ministry of Water Resources and SDF to speed up the process of borehole drilling”. Boon District Mayor said.


Figure 1 Mohamed Farah, Project Manager, MoWR and SDF Water Resources Development Project


Mr. Mohamed Farah, project manager of SDF/MoWR water resources development projectwho also spoke at the ceremony detailed Gargooray sub-project activities. ”This project is life supporting project with immediate impacts to the households in Gargooray. We are launching sub-project comprising drilling new borehole, construction of water supply system including elevated reservoir, animal troughs and kiosks, establishment and training of sustainable management committee,” Mr. Farah said


The project manager mentioned that they are first commencing the project by taking geophysical survey in the valley to know most appropriate sites for borehole drilling.


The main traditional leader of Awdal region and specially communities in Boon district Suldan Muse Elmi Dugsiye Ismail spoke of his happiness at the efforts of Water Resources Ministry and Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) of supplying Gargooray residents with drinking clean water, where he thanked President Silanyo for fulfilling his development pledges in the region.


‘’ I cannot express my words how happy I am. I am grateful for Ministry of Water Resources and Somaliland Development Fund for their support and we are always thankful for our president Silanyo for his development agenda,’’ Suldan Muse said


Speaking at the ceremony the Deputy Governor of Awdal region Abdi Nour Sugal lauded the Ministry of Water Resources and Somaliland Development Fund for their effort to address water shortages in the country.


“I would like to thank Ministry of Water Resources and Somaliland Development Fund for their continued efforts to address water problems of the country, and this project will become one of the greatest legacies of President Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo,” Sugal said.


“The launch of this bulk water project will go a long way in addressing water shortages in Gargooary” Sugal added



The Director General of the Ministry of Water Resources Dr. Abdirazak Jama Nuur who also spoke at the ceremony after laying the foundation of the new borehole has stated that the Gargooray Water Project isa part of the government’s drive to bring services to the people of the country.


“Gargooray Water Project isa part of the government’s drive to bring services to the people of the country and is funded by Somaliland Development Fund (SDF). We came here to launch and lay first stone of a water project which will serve to lives of our people to ensure better living conditions. This is the beginning of precious gift ‘’water’’ but needed continual maintenance and efforts for sustainability,” the Director General said.


The Director General went on to say: “The project is intended to alleviate problems of the water shortage in Gargooray by supplying enough clean water to the residents in the area”. He mentioned about SDF and development plan of current government led by president Silanyo and said, ”This water supply project and other development projects across all regions of Somaliland are part of the fruitful development agenda of our president his excellence Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo)”.

 Director General (DG) and Deputy Governor Laying First Stone of the Project


Before the DG closed the ceremony, the foundation stone of the sub-project was laid at the project. The director general along with deputy governor of Awdal, Borama council members, senior government officials and highly respected traditional leaders laid the first stone of the project indicating date of commencement for implementation.


Overview of the Gargooray Water Supply Project


The Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) is a 4 – year fund designed to support the Government of Somaliland (GoSL) filling a critical gap supporting projects that are fully aligned to the National Development Plan (NDP). The Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) is jointly funded initially by DFID and DANIDA, Government of Norway and Netherland.


The SDF has allocated funds to the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) to implement the Water Resources Development Somaliland 2014-2015 project in five regions of Somaliland except Maroodijeex in both rural and urban areas.


Gargooray is one of the target places of SDF funded project of the Ministry of Water Resources. Gargooray is agro-pastoral land located 50km Northwest of Boon district in Awdal region. The total estimated population in the area, who would benefit from the new water system, is about 3,600 persons. Gargooray comes under the administration of Boon district in Awdal region.


Water scarcity is the major problem in Gargooray. There are no water points in the area. The nearest water points are shallow wells in Xaliima Cade (40km East), Boon district (50km South), Ceelbaxay shallow well (43km West) or Dhabiiley shallow well (55km North). Many of these water points (shallow wells) dry up during the dry season.

It’s expected this project to contribute to availability and access to water in Gargooray and facilitate improvement in agriculture and household water consumption and the well-being of the children and women in particular. Improved access to water there will reduce water-transmitted diseases, increase personal hygiene and decrease child mortality from malnutrition caused by diarrhoea. Interviewed target beneficiaries in Gargooray argued that this project will improve lives of women and children through savings their time and energy to fetch water, which they can now use for education or productive labor as well as health conditions. Access to water for Gargooray agro-pastoral community will improve lives of livestock and crop production and livelihood of the community in general.


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