Progress made are obvious, VP tells distracters


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The Vice President H. E. Ahdirahman Ismael Seili’i yesterday inaugurated the newly built modern two-story building that is the headquarters of the national Accountant General’s offices.

In a well attended ceremony that ushered in the opening of the lavish offices, the VP who was flanked by both the Finance and Public Works ministers said that the obvious needs no substantiation as far as the Kulmiye administration’s development records  is concerned.

“The progress we are making are obvious for all to see hence cannot be hidden”, said the VP using the proverbial metaphoric of the sun.

“The palm cannot blot out the sun”, he said in an innuendo meant to silence distracters who constantly criticizing the government.

He said that the developments were at par with the envisioned and pledged policies of the government which are being implemented.

Pledging that the administration would continue working hand in hand with the populace, H.E. Seili’i inferred that they did not refuse criticism but called for constructive ones to be made.

He said that the new building is the apex of the modernization of public services whereby the computer era takes precedence.

This is only but one of several buildings that have been newly put up for almost all ministries and more others are still being constructed.

Both the Finance minister Hon. Abdi-aziz Samaale and the public works minister Hon. Abdi Qadir

also spoke on the occasion described the importance of the parts played by their respective ministers in putting up the structure.

The Auditor General Mr. Mohamud Deere spoke at length concerning the building hence pointed out that the change to the modern one has taken upto 6 to 7 decades to be finally achieved.

He was happy that at last his department has got an apt surrounding to perform its duties to new better heights.

After the VP cut the ribbon denoting the commissioning of the headquarters, the Auditor General took him for a tour throughout the two-stories.

The function celebrating the occasion was held at the AG headquarters’ compound.


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