There’s need to review and formulate constitutional rights laws, concur MPs and AG


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The Parliamentary committee charged with the constitution, judiciary, justice and human rights affairs met over the week with the Attorney General Hon. Hassan Ahmed Aden hence grilled him on various aspects of the sector that bordered on pros and cons and ways of addressing them.

According to Hon. Mohammed Jama Warfa, the talks were fruitful hence they concurred on the needs of addressing the security Act, the judicial committee and also the reviewing of the Attorney General’s Act.

They agreed, too, that formulations and creation of new laws in the sector were imperative.

The MP told the THT that what they dwelt on largely hence pondered in details were issues like:

  • Inmates’ conditions and situations in state prison especially as concerns congestions and longly-held remand suspects.
  • Arbitrary arrests by security arms without formal warrants
  • The general law that guides jurisprudence which is still incomplete.



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