First Lady Tours Mohamed Aden Sheik children’s Teaching Hospital


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The first lady Madam Amina Sheik Mohamed Jirde today visited the Mohamed Aden Sheik children’s Hospital today in Hargeisa which was built by the widow of the late Mohamed Aden Sheik who was former Health Minister in the Said Barre Government.

The visit by the first lady was meant to see how the hospital is coping since it was inaugurated nearly one year ago and to see at firsthand the crucial services the children hospital provides to children.

The first lady toured the various wards at the hospital and was briefed by hospital staff and local and foreign doctors who work at the hospital , the first lady on behalf of fellow citizens thanked all those working urging to keep up the good work .

The deputy minister of Health Hon Nimco Hussein Qowdan speaking to the media during the visit by the first lady said,” The Mohamed Aden Sheik Children hospital treats about 60 children per day and at least 360 children per week, 1440 a month and therefore 17280 children for free without charging them anything whatsoever and apart from that the Hospital provide vital health services for free to the society but will also act as a learning institution where medical trainees will acquire skills.

“Mohamed Aden Sheik Children’s Medical Hospital offers a comprehensive internship program in child clinical and pediatric psychology to pre-doctoral students in psychology, and also act as national institution committed to initiating breakthrough improvements in the safety, quality, and affordability of health care for all Somalilanders,”added the deputy Health Minister.



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