Talk of press hooliganism!


It is quite pathetic to see that what the Head of State himself had declared null and void to their inaptness is used to ridicule him!

The worst thing that stirs the bile to taste in one’s mouth is the utter absence of any one soul, whether educated or learned, bold or wise, fair or sincere who even bothered to point out that over three hundred thousand of such moribund ID cards were rendered “null and void” by the master server that churned out discrepancies.

As concerns dates of birth and places of birth, the THT is happy to testify that amongst its staffers are those who had IDs issued to them that had false dates of birth and equally false places of birth.

Upon filling the forms their real places of births abroad were substituted with Hargeisa and their dates of births were made similar and in uniform to the rest of the whole population in the queue who filed up for the day!

All, for instance in a station here in town, had their now moribund cards read 1st Jan 2010 as the birthday!

No wonder the server easily brought forth the discrepancies that had to render them eventually inapt.

With this in the background, it is dumbfounding to splash the President’s personal ID cards to try to muddy his integrity; whereas, when one poses and take stoke of the situation, the cards in retro-respect, only absolves the President of the envisaged allegation of duplicity and confirms, hence testate, his reasons of righteous resolve to render the former cards useless.

The effort of devious means and ways to manipulate trivial issues hence try to intone repulsive sensation in such distorted manner will not pay.

If anything it only supports the President. The cheap propaganda as a way to negatively propagate diminutive sensation upon such a statesman to demean his stature usually boomerangs.

We hold our heads high up and straight to defend the stature of the Presidency for he represents the virtual image of Somaliland, its stature and statehood.

On the same note, on the lack of any enlightening entity over the issue, we frown upon it not only in consternation, but with disgust.

If our ire could wand some wrath, we would have definitely waved them upon local media who swallow the rod whole plus the hook, without weighing things over or hair-split them intelligently.

Instead, they feed the populace falsities with their objectives to maim, dent and along the way, tend to hurt with laced malice the stature and integrity of the eminent people of note.

Talk of press hooliganism! Didn’t they report widely the redundant and now moribund IDs as those filled with irregularities and in discrepancies?

What are they trying to tell is now overnight?

Please, dear readers, beware of the fallacies of cheap gutter press!


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