“We Shall No Longer Allow Galayd to Lead our Sons to Slaughter” say Sool Traditional Leaders


BUHODLE (Tht) – Traditional leaders in Sool region have distanced themselves and the local community from the Khatumo Secession fronted by Warlord Ali Khalif Galayd.

In a statement released by the leaders in Buhoodle the purported communal support for the Khatumo secession movement was negated as they, elders, also appealed to the Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo for release of youths currently in custody.


The release appeal by the Sool leaders pertains to a number of clan militias arrested during the recent Khatumoist purge-out operations conducted in SaahDheer district of Sool region that also culminated with the deterrence of a swearing in ceremony of Warlord Ali Khalif Galayd as the ostensible president of the yet to exist Khatumo State of Somalia.

Vowing never again to have one of their sons killed, wounded, arrested or forced to bear arms again for activities related to skirmishes between American warlord Galayd the traditional leaders urged the Government of Somalia and the Khatumoist to solve their differences amicably through peaceful dialogue without pre-set conditions from either side.

“Continued skirmishes between militias led by Galayd and the Somaliland army is causing difficulties for residents of Sool and we shall no longer allow more of the same from now henceforth” said the leaders


The statement was signed in Buhoodle on behalf of the entire Sool region Traditional leaders by the following

  1. Senior Chief (Aqil) Aden Abdilahi Hasan ‘Dabay’
  2. Chief (Aqil) Ahmed Hasan Haji Omar
  3. Chief Ahmed Ali Duuh
  4. Chief Ali Dahable
  5. Chief Mahmud Diblee Shil
  6.  Chief Mohamed Jama Bihi and
  7. Spokesperson Dr Ahmed Mohamed Yusuf

By: Yusuf M Hasan


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