Somaliland Ministry of Social Affairs and Pharo Foundation jointly hold consultation workshop on employment enhancement and job creation.


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour and Family Affairs, and Pharo Foundation together with  Pharo Ventures jointly organized a consultation workshop on employment enhancement and job creation.

The employment workshop served as a pivotal platform for stakeholders from government bodies and senior management of Pharo Foundation and Pharo Ventures to convene and deliberate on crucial strategies for fostering job creation across public and private sectors.

The workshop focussed on addressing key obstacles to productivity and employment, with a particular emphasis on health barriers, financial constraints hindering entrepreneurship and innovation, and structural impediments.

The workshop shed light on the disconnect between the burgeoning number of graduates and the scarcity of employment opportunities, underscoring the pressing need to bridge the gap between educational outputs and the demands of the job market.

Moreover, the event facilitated fruitful exchanges between 14 ministries, including the Ministry of Social Affairs and Family, Ministry of Health Development, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Ministry of Livestock Development, Ministry of Trade and Tourism, Ministry of Investment Development, Ministry of Information Technology, and Ministry of Fishery. Each ministry representative discussed their contribution to national production and employment and the multifaceted challenges encountered in their respective domains.

This collaborative effort aimed to foster alignment and pave the way for concerted action towards overcoming barriers to employment and unlocking new pathways for sustainable economic growth and job creation.