Hargeisa mayor urges residents not to pay bribes

By Goth: The Mayor of Hargeisa Cllr. Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge, said that most of the employees who lost their jobs while working in the local government offices in Hargeisa were due to corruption and bribery cases.
 Cllr. Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge urged the people of Hargeisa not to pay bribes.
He said, “It has come out repeatedly that there are people who are thieves, who con the community in the name of the local government or invoking names of council heads to slit illegal fees for conniving purposes in acquiring land”, and added, “we have apprehended most of such corrupt officials and they are behind bars”.
He continued, “There are also other groups who are also collecting money from poor people by claiming that in exchanged they would manipulate decisions of the executive committee to get land or special services”.
Noting that it was illegal to do so, the mayor called upon the members of public to desist from being duped nor should they fall into the trap of such conmen.
He said, “I hereby tell you directly that you should never ever pay any bribes at all and such wayward staffers do not hold sway at all”.


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