Training for 90 teachers who will work on improving the curriculum of elementary and middle schools


Hargeisa (Dawan) Somaliland’s Ministry of Education and Science is working to improve the country’s curriculum and raise the quality of education in the country.

This effort led by the Minister of Education and Science of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Diriye Toorno, and the officials of the National Curriculum Office has recently been engaged in the preparation of experts and teachers to be selected to improve the quality of the country’s curriculum and education in general.

The National Curriculum Office is also making efforts to improve the National Curriculum, and they have opened training for 90 teachers and other scholars who will work on revising the curriculum, this training will continue for a few days.

The director of the National Curriculum Office, Mohamed Ali Omar (Gaas) received the 90 teachers working on the revision of the Somaliland National Curriculum.

The director of the curriculum office who talked to the teachers explained how they work and the things that were required during the work to get full cooperation, he continued to instruct the teachers to volunteer their knowledge and contribute to their country.

These teachers will work for a period of 40 days.


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