Proficiency training for Central Bank department heads


By M.E. Egge

Hargeisa THT:- A two-day Management and Leadership Training, 4 to 5 September 2022, has beenconcluded for the departmental heads and branch managers of the Central Bank.

The Governor, Deputy Governor and Director of the Central Bank participated in the closing ceremony of the training.

The Central Bank of Somaliland is committed to improving the knowledge and skills of the Bank’s staff.

Based on this general objective, the Central Bank of Somaliland conducted a two-day training for the managers of the Bank’s branches in Hargeisa, the Directors of the Bank’s Departments and their deputies. It was noted the near future, the same training will be given to the managers of the Bank’s branches in all the regions of the country. The training, which was of a high standard, was about Management & Leadership.

The topics analyzed in this training included management such as activity planning, work coordination, execution and control of work.

The training emphasized the importance of cooperation and collaboration between employees and their management, improving the quality of the Bank’s services to the government and the public, and the importance of efficiently utilizing the financial and physical resources of the Bank. The bank.

The training also highlighted in detail the guidelines and features of leadership and how they are appropriate in different situations and circumstances that organizations, businesses and organizations face.

The training also focused on the necessity of having an effective communication system.

The training was officially closed by the Governor of the Bank of Somaliland Dr. Ali Abdilahi Dahir exhorting the employees to apply the knowledge they got from this training in their workplaces. The Chairman also promised that such training will be continued.

This training was carried out by Geed Consulting.


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