Two People Die and Seven Injured in a Ghastly Road Accident


Two people lost their lives and seven are fighting for their lives at a Gabiley Hospital. The accident occurred between Gabiley and Kalabadh towns.

According to eyewitness, the accident happened after a truck owned by Sagal Jet company and a public service vehicle owned by Safar-Same collided head-on along the busy Hargeisa/Wajale highway.

The dead and the injured were ferried to Gabiley Provincial Hospital.

The regional administrators of Gabiley informed the press about the cause of the accident.

“The minibus was ferrying 14 passengers, two died instantaneously at the scene while seven are receiving medical attention at Gabiley Hospital.”

The governor of Gabiley warned drivers against overspeeding and reckless driving, two main causes of accidents in Somaliland.


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