I Support the Sovereignty of Somaliland-President of Hirshabelle Regional Administration of Somalia

president of Somalia's HirShabelle region, Mohamed Abdi Waare

THT: Considering the brutal manner we handled relations with our brothers in the north I am not surprised that they decided to reclaim sovereignty of their country Somaliland.

This was stated by the president of Somalia’s HirShabelle region, Mohamed Abdi Waare, during his opening address to the Somalia Federal Member states Conference that his regional administration is hosting in its capital Dhusamareb.

Reminding the assembled Somalia federal states leaders that the people of Somaliland voluntary threw away their sovereignty when they united with Somalia five days after gaining independence from Britain in 1960, the Hirshebeele leader said that “reciprocation from us Somalis was unimaginable brutality”

Stressing that even after all the violence meted on them and reclaiming their self-rule the people and government of Somaliland have never failed to attend any meeting called to patch up differences but “They have always been failed by the Somalia federal government” Said president  Waare

Considering the brutality meted on them and subsequent embarrassment from non-fulfillment of reconciliation agreements the people of Somaliland have the right to reclaim their self-rule and I hereby give my full support to the sovereignty of northern brothers” concluded president of Somalia’s HirShabelle region, Mohamed Abdi Waare,

The Dhusamareb Conference brings together the five Somalia Federal Member States leaders namely from Galmudug, Puntland, Hirshabelle, South West State and Jubaland.

Presidents of Galmudug, Puntland, Hirshabelle, South West State and Jubaland the five Somalia federal member states at the Dhusamareb Conference

The conference in which the Federal Government of Somalia is not represented will have leaders of the five regional member states discuss cooperation between the regions and the looming elections culminating in a united stance for all 5 Federal States on the process and timetable of the parliamentary and presidential elections in #Somalia by the end of 2020 & start of 2021.

By: Yusuf M Hasan




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