“I commend the two Clans for responding to the calls for Peace-Sool Regional Governor

Garad Jama Garad Ismail Duale and Sool regional governor Abdiqani Mohamud Jide at Horufadhi village

THT: “We are converged here not to reconcile warring clans but to witness and cement peace accords agreed upon.

This was stated by the Sool regional governor Abdiqani Mohamud Jide at Horufadhi village where two dulbahante sub clans of Hagar and Hayag committed to peace following joint reconciliation efforts by the government of Somaliland and traditional leaders.

For a long time clashes between the two clans that have resulted in some loss of lives, injuries, destruction of property and displacement of people in Horufadhi and Ceegaag areas  of Buhodle district in the country’s eastern region, despite several attempts to end them.

While urging the two sub clans to promote security in their respective areas by strict adherence to the reconciliation accord the regional administrator also commended Garad Jama Garad Ismail Duale, and his entourage for their efforts to bring lasting peace to the two brotherly communities of Hagar and Hayag.

Acknowledging that the intervention by Garad Jama who is the main traditional in the region, the Governor said, “On behalf of Sool region residents and the Somaliland government I extend thanks to you and your team for elders for your intervention that has facilitated reconciliation” adding that “Gaaraad, who has played a significant role in resolving regional conflicts, is confident and confident that he will play a key and responsible role in the fight for its success. May Allah help him and the rest of us all ”

Garad Jama Garad Ismail Duale and his team of peace elders at Horufadhi village

Finally, Governor Abdiqani Mohamud paid special tribute to the two fraternal communities and said, “Finally, I would like to thank the two communities for creating a peaceful environment and responding to the calls of the administration and the community, so that there will be no more conflict thence real peace and stability”

By: Yusuf M Hasan



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