Somaliland: “We are not only Ready to Stop Imports but Contribute to Covid-19 Fund too” Khat Bosses tell Government

Somaliland covid 19 committee at meet with khat sellers in Hargeisa

THT: The major distributors of Khat have revealed intent to support the national efforts to combat Corona virus.

This came out during a meeting between the Somaliland national Coronavirus Propalyctic Committee and all major Khat distributors in the country held at the presidency in Hargeisa.

The meet organized to chart the way forward on issues pertaining to Coronavirus prevention and Khat import from Ethiopia with confirmed positive cases, ensued with the herbal stimulant queen’s and kingpins informing the government that they were ready to cease imports upon orders of the government.

Similarly they also promised to chip in with contributions towards the national Covid-19 prevention efforts.

Speaking on behalf of the Somaliland Khat Sellers association Mr Faisal Osman the proprietor of Faraska Cad 725 company said that they were also citizens who care for the welfare of their brothers and sisters be it economically or health-wise.

Feisal Osman of Faraska co revealed Khat sellers ready to contribute to the Somaliland COVID-19 fund

‘while we are aware of the ramifications associated with Covid-19 infection to the populace and country at large it is the onus of the administration to issues orders related to Khat which we shall adhere to stringently despite the loss of profits if it is a stop imports order” said Mr Faraska

Informing that they, Khat sellers are disappointed by news that virus tests are being taken abroad because Somaliland lacks necessary lab equipment , Mr Faraska 725 said that the Khat sellers are willing to contribute towards the purchase of the necessary testing equipment required.

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Said he, “we shall contribute towards purchase of equipment in order to ensure that we have the local Covid-19 testing capabilities” adding that Somaliland is home to a large number of millionaires thence funds is not the issue.

Khat is a herbal stimulant imported from Kenya while over 95% is from neighbouring Ethiopia with confirmed Coronavirus positive cases  which receives millions of dollars on a daily basis.

Amina Gafane the queen of Somaliland Khat

A few days ago the national Covid-19 task force said that despite the fears associated with the Khat imports from a country with confirmed cases the herbal stimulant is not only a major employer in the country after the civil service but main revenue source for the central coffers thence a careful approach to status.


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