Five days Training for the use of Fireless Stove Baskets Concludes- MoEM


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The ministry of energy and minerals together with the Somaliland Women chamber of commerce organized five days of training for the use of Fireless stove baskets for women in Hargeisa.

Ms. Huda Kaysar Mahad, the executive director of Somaliland Women chamber of commerce gave an in-depth briefing to the participants of the closing of the five days fireless stove baskets training.

Ms. Huda giving a demonstration of the energy-saving stoves said, “A fireless cooker is a box, basket or any other container filled with an insulating material such as dried grass, paper, sawdust, wool or dry banana leaves. After heating up food over a stove or fire, the cooking pot is placed in the fireless cooker and covered with an insulated lid, where it can continue cooking and stay hot for several hours.

“The fireless cooker is an environmentally friendly way to cook. It uses much less fuel and saves hours spent in the kitchen, allowing women to take control of their own time. The food is healthier too,  because more of the nutrients are retained and there’s no chance of it getting burned, fireless cookers are simple to make and can also be sold to supplement the family income”, Ms. Huda said.

Mr. Mohamed Yusuf, the director-general in the ministry of energy and minerals said that the Ministry paved the way for the promotion of renewable energy through the development of an energy policy that was adopted by the government.

He added, “Ministry of Energy’s involvement in spearheading pilot projects, conducting awareness-raising for the public and the power producers, there is a steady and growing use of renewable energy in Somaliland, however limited. Renewable energy forums such as useful to promote sustainable energy generation and use to provide clean affordable energy for the peoples of the region.The director-general in the ministry of education speaking during the events said Access to clean energy for the region’s inhabitants will go a long way towards reducing the harmful effects of human activity to save our environment for the sustainability of our livelihoods.

Mohamed Ahmed Awad, the minister of commerce speaking during the occasion said that the government of President Muse Bihi Abdi is committed to improve investment opportunities and applications of new technology and address skilled local workforce needs.

Ms. Fadumo Said speaking at the event said that the fireless stoves will improve their ability to adapt to the use of clean energy technologies of the future. I strongly advise the participants to make the most of this useful gathering.


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