Somaliland Army units Repulse Attack by Puntland Forces


By Goth Mohamed Goth

In a press statement issued by Col. Abdi Cabdilahi Hassan (Abdi Dheere), the Somaliland Defence Forces spokesperson in regard to the unprovoked attack by Puntland Forces in east Sanaag region stated as follows:-

The newly appointed Mayor of Las Qorey narrowly escaped an attempted on his life yesterday (25/2/2020) after forces belonging to Puntland administration of Somalia launched an unprovoked attack, Puntland forces have repeatedly attacked and terrorized innocent Somaliland citizens in Bahdan regions and surrounding environs.

In another similar incident, earlier today at about 6:30 Am Puntland forces of Somalia together with renegade militia launched an unprovoked attack in kadhada village which is located 18 KM from Yubbe town but were repelled by Somaliland Defence Forces based in the area.

Units belonging to Somaliland national army repelled an attack and at the same time inflicting heavy losses on the Puntland attackers and the aligned militiamen confiscating weapons and technical battle-wagons.

The Somaliland Defence Forces apprehended seven prisoners including a sitting Puntland lawmaker.

Two soldiers belonging to Somaliland Defence Forces lost their lives in the ensuing battle.

Somaliland army units are currently conducting security operations in the area to flush out any would-be militias.

Somaliland Defence Forces are determined to fend off any attempts to destabilize its borders.



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