Ministry staff given ultimatum on keeping time


By M.A. Egge
The Ministry of Information, Council of Ministers, Culture and National Guidance have written an ultimatum in a circular to all staff ordering them to adhere to keeping of working hours timely.
In a stern warning ultimatum to the workers the minister Hon. Abdirahman Abdillahi Farah alias Guri-barwaaqo noted that as of Saturday the 27th of January 2018 (thus yesterday) all employees are supposed to report for duty during working hours duly, 7.30 am, and that whoever arrived after 8:00 am would not be allowed for duty.
The minister underpinned the fact that the directive was in line with a blanket order by the Head of State as far as the civil servants are concerned nationwide.
The circular was addressed to all departmental heads of the ministry asking them to inform all workers of the ministerial ultimatum. Copies of the directive were made to the DG and the deputy minister.
Council of Ministers is officially sworn-in after parliamentary endorsement.


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