VP urges Hawd residents to vote for the Ruling party


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Baligubdle town -High levels Kulmiye delegation led by the Vice President H.E Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismail on Saturday was received by thousands of party supporters Baligubdle town, Hawd region.

H.E Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismail addressed thousands of supporters as while campaigning in earnest in the Baligubdle town, Hawd region.

The VP said, “I have started my campaign here in Baligubdle town, Hawd region due to the significance of the votes and unrelenting support which this region avails the ruling party during the past elections starting from 2002, 2005,2007 and 2012.

“I hope you; the people of Hawd region will continue to support and vote for Kulmiye during the upcoming 2017 presidential elections”, he said.

Hon Mohamed Aden Ibrahim “Gabotire”, Minister of National Planning and Rural Development speaking during the event said, “The people of Baligubdle and Hawd region share a common history with Kulmiye and during the past years the current government led President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud have build boarding schools and is currently installing piped clean water for the residents.

Among the other notable dignitaries speaking at the venue were Mr. Khadar Haji Yusuf , Minister of Tourism and Culture, Mr Kaysar Abdillahi , the deputy minister of foreign affairs , Mr. Ahmed Arwo , Presidential Advisor on economic affairs , Mr. Ahmed Joogof ,State Minster for Higher learning , Ms. Shukri Hariir Ismail just to mention a few.


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