State clarifies fate of Yemani refugees



By M. A. Egge

The state has made it clear that refugees who enter the country at prime points are usually certified by the United Nation body of International Organization for Migration (IOM).

This was stated by the Sahil regional Governor Jama Yusuf Ahmed while speaking to our sister paper Dawan on Friday evening.

Following reports that a handful of refugees from Yemen who were aboard a ship that docked at Berbera Port were forced to return to the ship after being denied entry.

The regional Governor explained that they were waiting for the IOM to give a bill of the refugees’ health within 24 hours before they are allowed in to the country.

“The IOM agency is usually charged with the tasks of vetting refugees’ health before they enter the country”, said the Governor.

He added that they expected the IOM to vet the refugees within 24 hours.

Given that the refugees were turned back on Thursday and the following day was a Friday (a public of f-day), he noted that they expected issue on the matter to be indulged in by yesterday (Saturday).

On the other hand workers from the SRCS Family Links section, both of national and regional level, were at hand to give a hand to the refugees who were reportedly in visibly dire needs.

It is worth noting that Yemen which has been battling a coalition force le by kingdom Saudi Arabia has untold severe endemic cases of cholera, the latest number of afflictions estimated to be over a quarter of a million.

The immigration department usually works in hand with agencies like the IOM, SRCS and DRC in addressing plights of refugees.Mohamed-Muse-Dirye


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