President witnesses and inaugurates projects he initiated for Gebiley and Wajaale



By M.A. Egge
The President H. E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo has witnessed and inaugurated several projects that have been completed in Gebiley region yesterday during a work tour that led him to the border town of Togwajale.
The Head of State who opened the ultra new buildings that cater for the treasury and custom departments said in the town said that he was elated to grace the ceremonies hence said, “I congratulate you for jobs well done”.
The works included, apart from the buildings, the town’s water supply, the State lodge and others, which were all initially launched by the president who laid their foundation stones.
Indeed the projects were part and parcel of the Kulmiye party’s campaign pledges which has hitherto been completed fully.
At the function where the finance minister Hon. Samsam Abdi Adan welcomed the president to inaugurate the buildings she said that she diligently following the presidential directive to put up the buildings.
“As you ordered me to put up the buildings since the town is a frontier hence needed to exude the country’s image, we put up the structures you are inaugurating today” said the minister.
The town’s chief administrator who is the area district commissioner Mr. Hashi Ahmed thanked the president and government for establishing and implementing all the projected for works.
Earlier on the president inaugurated roads and the first ever bridge constructed in Gebiley town. One of the roads is a two-lane highway and the other connects the old Gebiley stadium to the new one named after international athletic icon who hails from the area Mo Farah.
Apart from also opening the stadium, the president awarded a 1002 meters stretch of land in honour of the mentally handicapped.
The land was bestowed upon him by Gebileans to honour him for his steadfastness towards development and progress. A ceremony of the honouring was held while on his way back to the capital.
After resting for a while he attended a soccer match at Mo Farah stadium that pitted Gaashan against Goothir in an entertaining game.
Present were also Interior minister Hon Yasin H. Faratoon, Information minister Hon Osman A. Sahardeed Adani and Sports and Youth minister Waaberi Rooble, several traditional leaders, senior government and party leaders officials etc.
The town Mayor Mohamed Amin Omer Abdi said that the projects were implemented by the local civic government authority of Gebiley.
The president was received by the Gebiley regional leaders at Abudla led by regional governor Hamza as hundreds of residents at Arabsiyo and Gebiley lined up along the roads to usher him to the region, while to Wajaale district he was hilariously received by happy patriots mounted on hoarse backs.


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